Beyond the Sword

Nathalie Moellhausen

Nathalie Moellhausen is an athlete of the Brazilian Olympic fencing team(epée), considered among the top athletes of the world. She took part to the Olympics in London 2012, representing the italian team, world champion in 2009.

She brought the highest number of medals in the history of the women Italian “Epée” discipline, both individually and by team.

Her mother is Brazilian and her father is italian/German. She grew up in Italy and she speaks five languages (Italian, Portugais, French, English, Spanish).

In Paris she studied philosophy and along side her sporting career, she has a great passion for art and dance, which became her ways to communicate and develop the image of fencing worldwide, which turns today into her professional career of art director of sport events.

In 2010, at the World Championship of fencing in Paris at the Grand Palais, Nathalie both participated as an athlete of the italian team where she won her individual bronze medal, as well as the Art Director of the Opening Ceremony of the event. Her project of the show was selected by the French Fencing Federation and she took care of the entire organisation of the Opening Ceremony, with the participation of renowed dancers and artists.

After her participation with the italian team to the Olympics in London, thanks to her fencing and artistic career, Nathalie was hired again as Art Director this time by the International Fencing Federation (FIE), with the charge to take care of the entire Art direction of the FIE100 Anniversary Gala event , which took place at the Grand Palais of Paris on the 30 november 2013.

This professional commitment with the FIE in 2013 forced her to not compete internationally for nearly two years, devoting her energies to the project. Despite the enormous work, Nathalie continued training in order to be ready to return to competition after the event.

In January 2014, Nathalie accepted the invitation of the Brazilian Federation of fencing to represent the new flag and qualify for the Brazilian team in the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Athlete, representing the Pinheiros Club , Nathalie, in only one year, has been able to position herself again among the first 30 athletes of the world. Thanks to her world cup’s results and her victory at the Pan-American Championships 2015, counting for the qualification of the Olympics of Rio de Janeiro, Nathalie raised the world ranking and today she is back in the top 16. Brazilian Champion 2015, she also brought two bronze medal at the Pan-Americans Games of Toronto 2015.

Her goal is to position herself again in the top 8 world rankings and realize her dream of an Olympic medal in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Nathalie’s goals for 2016

– Qualify in the top 8 of the world ranking .

– Win a medal at the Olympic games of Rio de Janeiro in the prime of her career.

– Represent her Mother’s country at the Olympics.

– Bring her experience and knowledge to the young Brazilian team in order to become a competitive team ready for the Pan – americans games 2015 and the Olympic games in 2016.

– Increase the international reputation of the CBE.

– Make fencing a more popular Sport in Brazil and Latin America.

– Promote and develop the image of fencing in Brazil and worlwide, through her personal fencing results and extra activities of communication and shows.

Best Feedback


These are exciting challenges that represent exactly how Nathalie lives her life. She is ready to offer her sport, artistic and communicative skills to Brazilian Fencing and carry on working during and after her sport career, in order to open new horizons in the development of a more glamour and attractive image of this beautiful sport. This is for her a lifelong choice.