5 Reasons to try Fitnium

Nathalie Moellhausen Fencing & Fitness

“Your time and your body are precious”.
This is the motto of Fitnium, a concept of training conceived by Nathalie, which celebrates the meeting between traditional training and the most innovative technologies. Fitnium is Nathalie’s fitness space where she discovers and shares with people the best of workouts, wellness and beauty as well as the field of competitive sport, rehabilitation and medicine.

High performance athletes use this electrical muscle stimulation in addition to their usual training and in order to improve their strength and speed. Physiotherapists use it in their patients for body- and joint-friendly exercises and for targeted back training. Personal trainers, fitness studios, wellness and beauty centers focus on fitness and beauty aspects: body shaping by building up muscles and reducing fat, stimulating the connective tissue and the metabolism as well as by using effective measures against cellulite.


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Fitnium conceives personalized training sessions for high level performance as well as for any sport level. Trainings are inspired by nathalie’s fencing univers and they are supported by the use of an electro – stimulation machine (EMS– Mihabodytec). The machine helps to stimulate agonist and antagonists as well as deeper lying muscle groups at the same time. By using individually dosed electric impulses, all muscle groups are being stimulated – the training and use can occur passively in a lying position or actively in combination with additional exercise when standing up as well as dynamically while performing complex movements. There are no limits to intensity and extent – of a real successful training.


FITNIUM works with time and space. What is only possible with many years of training, it becomes possible to reach it in a flash, thanks to the combination between a specific body workout and the electrical muscle stimulation. User will benefit directly from the electrifying advantages, since the body´s performance in its whole improves, within an extremely short time the success is visible and perceptible: fat content and weight are reduced and muscles are gently formed, strength and endurance increase, body shape and problem areas are tightened and the general well-being and mobility improves.


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Free time is precious – to precious, to spend it with strenuous, time-consuming and ineffective training units. Fitnium combines luxury time with the desire for exercise – and this without compromises: Only ten to 30 minutes per training unit are sufficient to achieve results in just a few weeks.



The support of electromyostimulation is a versatile and loyal companion not only due to the great range of application but also due to its mobility and compact handling. A “Personal trainer” means share with people the knowledge of what is good or not for each body. Nathalie works everyday with her body and she learnt manically all the secrets of fitness. She likes to share her knowledge with people and become the best friend of the user – no matter whether at home, away on travel, during holidays times.